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Welcome to the world of music with lots of ‘rasam’ served to you by top rated RJs. This online radio initiative is the right destination if you are looking for music across all genres mainly in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi. English music is reserved for unwinding over the weekends. So age no bar, fun no bar..if you are looking for 24/7 music, tune into Radio Rasam.

RJ name: Rj Sree
Shows: Morning Rasam

Rj Sree

Morning Rasam

RJ name: Rj Sreejith Vijay
Shows: Light Camera Action

Rj Sreejith Vijay

Light Camera Action

RJ name: Rj Lavanya
Shows: Evening Rasam

Rj Lavanya

Evening Rasam

RJ name: Rj Renu
Shows: Uncensored

Rj Renu




Want to be entertained with all your favourite songs and news from our homeland? Radio Rasam can guarantee just that with our enchanting shows. Our variety of titles ensure to take you through a nostalgic lane of happiness. It will be our pleasure to impress you with our people behind the mic on real-life stories, celebrity news and life style they all have to offer!

Show Name:Morning Rasam
RJ Name:Rj Sree

Morning Rasam

Rj Sree


Show Name:Evening Rasam
RJ Name:Rj Lavanya

Evening Rasam

Rj Lavanya